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Under this Banner “GKBAKHSHI”  our journey started way back in 1986 under the name & style of Y.K.B.ENTERPRISES  with few known FMCG brands, products to cater the retail market in our town covering almost 50Kms each side for adjoining towns as well, along with Retail outlet of our own the first of its type in our calm & quite small town,  graduated with time to shop automation with the support of Retail soft wares ,Electronic Cash Registers ,Display Racks etc. supporting the market till date with all type of consultation and execution with complete know how & products. “DIVINITI” is another feather in our cap, it’s an honor for us and the matter of PRIDE to be associated with this name .please check more about that details given below. Than as per the need of that hour in 2004 got into PREFAB STRUCTURES as our passion turned to profession, by introducing Prefab Cottages concept again very new for this area, generally Shed were being made for industrial use, cattle use or for dumping, but the  cottage concept was introduced by us and even had done few prestigious projects which can be witnessed in our gallery of BLUE TRIANGLE INFRASTUCTURE Pvt.Ltd.  Similarly, we under this name even cater day to day clients for conventional construction….”We make dream Houses for those who wish to convert that to their HOMES”  another venture under brand name of ELBEE OVERSEAS  as the name is self explanatory we got the opportunity to enter into overseas trade and we availed it too, approx. two years back and now facilitating our overseas clients as their buying agents in India for several products.

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We at Y.K.B.ENTERPRISES are the Pioneers and specialized  in offering  Niche Products to the Masses a reputed Brand TRUCOUNT and the highest selling product in the market on Pan India basis  i.e “ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTER” a Billing Solution for all type of Retail Segment, Be it a General Merchant Retail shop ,A Bakery ,A Fast Food Counter ,could be a Restaurant, Petrol Pump, Ice Cream Parlor, A school Canteen or Mess and All those counters where cash is accepted against a Slip, could be a Bill or A Challan / Voucher etc.

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One should always welcome the change in life. As with growing times it was needed and required to bring a better change in my other interest & venture of designing and fabricating Pre-Fab Cottages and structures , which was started way back in 1985 as a hobby converted into business venture, with doing lot of projects even on without charges basis as Free Consultation and providing solutions to related problems not to gain monetary benefits  but to gain self confidence in the field of structures with Pre Fabricated option in Building Materials , till around 2005 and than gradually converted into professional business ventures.

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The latest feather in our cap is by the name as,  Elbee overseas again a consultation & Trading venture, started in February 2014 started dealing in “Electrical Switches” for domestic & Commercial usage and got associated with a reputed Brand ,i.e. The India’s First ever switch makers in country started in 1935 at the time of undivided India at Lahore, having a very niche market as well and a very reputed name in the local market besides others giants it has

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